Little Badman and the Radioactive Samosa


Twelve-year-old Humza Khan, aka Little Badman, has saved the word TWICE. Alien slugs and evil time-travelling teachers are no match for Eggington’s greatest rapper. This time, Humza and his two friends, Umer and Wendy, have narrowly avoided being hit by rock from outer-space. What does get hit, though, is a box of delicious samosas, which turn – radioactive. The three friends wake up the next day to find they have superpowers, which is pretty cool. What’s less cool is the giant hamsters roaming the town. Looks like a job for Little Badman and his crew.

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Author Arshad Humza Published by Puffin ISBN 9780241509258 EAN 9780241509258 Bic Code Cover Paperback

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