The Pursuit of Love


‘Obsessed with sex!’ said Jassy, ‘there’s nobody so obsessed as you, Linda. Why if I so much as look at a picture you say I’m a pygmalionist’. In the end we got more information out of a book called ‘Ducks and Duck Breeding’. ‘Ducks can only copulate’, said Linda, after studying this for a while, ‘in running water. Good luck to them’. Oh, the tedium of waiting to grow up! Longing for love, obsessed with weddings and sex, Linda and her sisters and cousin Fanny are on the lookout for the perfect lover. But finding Mr Right is much harder than any of the sisters had thought. Linda must suffer marriage first to a stuffy Tory MP and then to a handsome and humourless communist, before finding real love in war-torn Paris.

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Author Mitford Nancy Published by Penguin Books ISBN 9780241991848 EAN 9780241991848 Bic Code Cover Paperback

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